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95 Greene Street, Jersey City, NJ 

Client: Thor Equities 

Architect: SGA 

The 95 Greene Street project was formerly the old Colgate factory built in the first half of the 20th century. The design team and Sweet Group built a modern bio-medical and energy efficiency space for the federal transition of net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. The space also includes a natural gas generator with a sound-rated enclosure and automatic transfer switches that operate on a digital mechanism during power outages. The electrical system was also upgraded to accommodate two 3,000-amp services. 

Sweet Group installed two custom-designed Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS), each supplying 90,000 CFM of conditioned air to the building and two energy-efficient air-cooled Smardt Chillers. Sweet Group also installed Modular Condensing boilers to provide hot water to the DOAS units and tenants. The boilers and pumping systems are housed in a rooftop heating plant and operate through an automated control system. A Tri-Stack Strobic Exhaust Fan system was installed to remove hazardous exhaust from the bio-medical lab and comply with environmental standards. Further installations include a structural steel platform, approximately 36 inches above the roof, to support the equipment and infrastructure for the building’s energy-conserving electrical systems and a new fiber optics system for security and IT purposes. 

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