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Meadowlands, NJ
Client: Triple 5

Sweet Group has become the prime general contractor in American Dream building dining retail entertainment and base building work. The mall is 3.5 million square feet, Sweet has preformed work not only for the land lord but also direct from many clients including, Snow Partners, Coca Cola, Nickelodeon, Dream Works, Mr Beast Burger, Stitches, Deckers, It’Sugar, and many more.


The retail buildouts include Worker B, Tal NY, UGG, It’s Sugar, Primark, Carlotte Russe, Foot Locker and more. For entertainment and dining, Sweet installed some of the fixtures for the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, did construction on the surrounding area for the Ice-Skating Rink, worked on the indoor ski slope, Big Snow, and later constructed the Mr. Beast Burger restaurant that had a massive grand opening of over 30,000 people. The base building work included building out the hallways, staircases, flooring and ceiling work.


Sweet worked on the American Dream Mall while the mall was open for its first phase and minimized the impact of the construction on shoppers, clients and tenants.

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