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Rockefeller Center - New York City
Client: Christie's
Architect:  Steven Learner Studio 

Haunch of Venison was a contemporary art gallery that supported the work of leading artists and presented a broad and critically acclaimed program of exhibitions to a large public in New York City. The project involved the complete renovation of the space that formerly housed the gallery (20th and 21st floors of Christie’s at Rockefeller Center) to create an exclusive sales environment for select clients. 


The project called for the addition of an interconnecting stairwell and atrium between levels, a terrazzo, and hardwood flooring throughout the space. Custom millwork and skylights were added to parallel the distinction synonymous with Christie’s long-standing reputation as a world leader in luxury auctions and services.  The 25,000-square-foot space currently houses private galleries, individual viewing rooms, a confidential forum for specialized auctions, as well as a storage vault for valuables that are currently not on display. 

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